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Fierce Cosmetics

Fierce Cosmetics is a boutique cosmetics and skin care company that was started by Kayla Boatner. Fierce Cosmetics was started in New Orleans, LA in 2016. At the time, King Davis of The Visionary King was approached with the idea from Ms. Boatner. Mr. Davis assisted Ms. Boatner with the entire development of Fierce Cosmetics. He served as the business and brand manager for a period of 6 months.

Full Company Launch

Objective: To create a current, visual site that creates a profit and attract new clients. The client also needed their business entity filed,  a product developed, social media operated and visuals created.

Challenge: The client just had the idea of operating their own cosmetics and skin care company. The Visionary King knew that the entire company would have to be created from scratch.

Solution: The Visionary King constructed a plan that would cover every basis of launching this startup business for the client. We started with the filing of the business as well as obtaining an EIN # from the IRS. After all business proceedings were done, we moved into the creating of the website and securing of a manufacturer. The last step was the developing of the packaging, product photoshoot, creation of visuals, launch of the website and securement of a physical location (office space).


  • (no longer available)
  • Publicity
  • Logo created
  • Business filing
  • Packaging design
  • Product development
  • Brand management
  • Marketing & advertisement
  • Visuals & art direction
  • Real estate secured (office space)