Entrepreneur, business and brand manager, King Davis holds a bachelors in business management and a masters in sports marketing and management. Since the age of 13, he has been into entrepreneurship and marketing. His mother, Carolyn Davis not only held multiple degrees but also was a serial entrepreneur. He quit his job at Finish Line after making $120,000 in one weekend. Since then he has developed over 50+ products including a women’s shoe line, hair care products, skin care lines, and more. He is currently CEO of The VK Firm which is a full branding, business, and marketing firm. He currently manages Reemarkable (Eazy E daughter), Chef Gone Mad (Nola chef), Silk Me Kids (kids haircare/salon), and more! Recently he shared some insights with me behind his line of work. Tell me about your women’s shoe line, hair care products, and skincare line. I have developed numerous products for individuals ranging from fashion lines to beauty products and more. The women shoe line that I developed the prototype for was probably one of the hardest products to date. The beauty products come easily to me and I enjoy bringing clients ideas to life. When it comes to the development of beauty products, I’ve had the pleasure of developing hair care lines, cosmetic products, and even full mink eyelash lines.


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